Why Every Man’s Closet Needs A Blue Blazer (Or Three).

blue blazer

And not just any blue blazer – a navy blue blazer. Why navy blue? Because it’s the most versatile color there is. And for a garment you can wear in a wide variety of situations, versatility is key.

A question frequently asked by the sales staff at Twill is “How is your navy blazer?” If our customers don’t have one, or it needs updating, we help them get one. The blazer is arguably the most critical and versatile piece in a man’s closet. It can be worn with dress slacks and a tie, with a sport shirt and your favorite 5-pocket chinos, or even with a golf shirt. It can be thrown on for dinner or the plane (more guys need to wear a blazer on the plane by the way! Have you seen what guys are traveling in these days?!) The blazer has you covered for nearly every occasion.

The blue blazer also works with just about any shirt in your closet. Throw in a pocket square for a little flare and you’re good to go!

And don’t cheat! A suit jacket is not a blazer. A blazer may look like a suit jacket on a hanger, but it’s definitely different. The blazer features a more casual cut and is often made of a lighter weight fabric.

Speaking of which, the reason we say “a blue blazer or three” is that we believe a man should have year-round blazer options for every occasion, but also should have a seasonal blazer or two. For the summer months, nothing beats an unlined navy soft coat. It’s perfect for after golf or a summer cocktail party. And in the winter, nothing is more elegant than a cashmere navy blazer!

From its origins as a prep school staple, the navy blue blazer has evolved to become a “must-have” casual classic. The simple, timeless look and flexibility is why this garment deserves a premium spot in your wardrobe.

So, how is your navy blazer?

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