Today’s Golf Wear Fits Your Lifestyle Beyond The Course

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Watching the Masters, it occurred to me how today’s golf fashions influence the way guys dress off the course more than ever.

“It seemed like the guys that were really good always had a neat style for dressing. Hogan, Demaret, Nelson: They were the sharp dressers.”

- Arnold Palmer (As told to Esquire, Spring 2012)

Well said, Arnie! With a few exceptions (Phil’s costume on Friday at the Masters was pretty bad!), it’s still true today. The pros we see walking the fairways on weekends look put together, from their shoes to their caps. Sure, they’re paid to endorse many of the brands they wear and the apparel companies carefully select the players and clothes that best represent their brands, but you have to admit they look good.

Now, your game might not compare, but you can still look as good as the pros, as much of what they’re wearing on the course is readily available at golf retail outlets and men’s stores like Twill.

Think about your golf attire for a moment. When dressing for a round, I’ll bet your first thought isn’t how well that shirt helps you play, but rather how good it makes you look doing it.

Today, more than ever, golf sets the barometer for off-the-course style, too.

In years past, some styles made the transition, but much of what was worn on the course was not really meant to go past the clubhouse into everyday life. Knickers, bright plaids and even some of today’s on-course patterns and colors (thanks Rickie) just won’t play in your Monday morning meeting. Guys had their golf clothes, but then changed into work clothes for business and other clothes for an evening out. While I’m always an advocate for dressing appropriately for the situation, the definition of what’s appropriate has certainly evolved over the years to more casual in nature.

In fact, a lot of what you see on the course today can fit your lifestyle off the green. After you hole the last putt, throw on a sweater or sport coat and you’re ready for dinner. In the office, what was “casual Friday” now often works all week long. Casual work wear is definitely a trend we see here at Twill.  We’re selling fewer suits and more sport coats, slacks, and shirt combinations. Pocket squares have replaced ties, and golf shirts are appropriate in many more situations than in the past.

What really makes the transition all come together is the quality and variety of the clothes available that fit both on-course function and off-course style. From shirts, sweaters, slacks and sport coats to accessories like socks and belts, Twill carries the brands that we think do this best including Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, Bobby Jones and Duck Head.

But please leave your golf shoes in the locker. They still won’t cut it at work, even on casual Fridays.

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