Why Every Man’s Closet Needs A Blue Blazer (Or Three).

blue blazer

And not just any blue blazer – a navy blue blazer. Why navy blue? Because it’s the most versatile color there is. And for a garment you can wear in a wide variety of situations, versatility is key.

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Today’s Golf Wear Fits Your Lifestyle Beyond The Course

twill blog april 2016 golf lifestyle

Watching the Masters, it occurred to me how today’s golf fashions influence the way guys dress off the course more than ever.

“It seemed like the guys that were really good always had a neat style for dressing. Hogan, Demaret, Nelson: They were the sharp dressers.”

- Arnold Palmer (As told to Esquire, Spring 2012)

Well said, Arnie! With a few exceptions (Phil’s costume on Friday at the Masters was pretty bad!), it’s still true today. The pros we see walking the fairways on weekends look put together, from their shoes to their caps. Sure, they’re paid to endorse many of the brands they wear and the apparel companies carefully select the players and clothes that best represent their brands, but you have to admit they look good.

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