“There are very few stores in the last 13 years that have come into the market and commanded your presence and maintained it. Your vision from the start was very focused and right on target, and you made that look simple, although we all know it’s not that easy. You don’t see this type of execution from a new store in the specialty business often. Twill has stayed on top of the market by taking the time to explore new ideas and new products while keeping your core customer in mind. I have met many of your customers over the years, and they truly love what Twill brings to the market place. It’s a locally owned specialty store with superb service and clothing. We are personally friends, but I have always admired your loyalty to the customer base and the overall area.”

Chris Knott
Founder, Peter Millar

“Twill ranks among the very best men’s specialty stores: combining great service with a really well selected assortment. Scott, Nicki, and Paul have turned shopping for my clothing into a truly enjoyable experience.”

Ken K. (Hopkins, MN)

“I have been a Twill customer from the day the store opened. Scott and Nicki and the rest of the team have always accommodated my every clothing need and want. Most importantly they deal with me in such a friendly, cordial manner that makes my stopping in the store like a visit with old friends. You guys are the best!”

Mike N. (Edina, MN)

"I have shopped at Twill since its opening and the unbeatable combination of great brands to select from and personalized attention is nothing short of excellent!"

"When making decisions about any considered purchase or investment, for me, it's about the jockey not the horse. Scott Dayton brings knowledge, impeccable taste and camaraderie with any trip to Twill. Hard to beat and great to be a part of!"

Greg H. (Hopkins, MN)

“Twill is a first-rate store. The selection is everything you’d want, the value for the money is excellent, and the staff is really knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. Everything is very well done, and it shows!”

John M. (Edina, MN)


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Edina, MN 55435

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